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Why should you visit a Vinegar Cellar?

Because the link between a Balsamic Vinegar and its Vinegar Cellar is even stronger than between a wine and its cellar.

In fact, the production process for Traditional Balsamic Vinegar involves leaving some of the vinegar in the barrel when it is taken out for bottling, so each bottle of Balsamic contains a small amount of the previous year’s vinegar.
And from the year before that.
And from the year even before that, going all the way back to the beginning of the Vinegar Cellar.

Each cruet produced by Acetaia Fabbi is the result of a tradition built over generations. A delight that requires more commitment and dedication than can be given in a single lifetime.

Where we are

Passion, care and dedication

This is why we have decided to open our Vinegar Cellar to visits: to allow those who really want to understand balsamic vinegar to also experience this aspect of it.

To see the barrels that still contain vinegar more than a century old, to smell scents and flavours that cannot exist anywhere else on Earth.

To taste Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena in its birth place.

Come and discover a place where you not only experience history, but taste it as well!

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